Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions of the (name) website are drawn up in accordance with Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot, Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 98/2004-UPB2, 126/2007, 86/2009, 78/2011, 38/2014, 19/15, 55/2017-ZKolT), Electronic Commerce Market Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 96/09), Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 81/2015) and Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette of the RS, No. 94/07). The website is managed by Grm prevozi in storitve d.o.o., Polajna 4, 3206 Stranice, tel. 031 530 964, e-mail: info@grm-transport.si, tax number: 26892430, e-commerce service provider. The provider will contact the user via means of distance communication unless the user does not explicitly reject it.

Contact details:
Email: info@grm-transport.si
Phone: 031 530 964
Grm prevozi in storitve d.o.o.,
Polajna 4,
3206 Stranice
Tax number 26892430, registration number: 5635730000
Current account: IBAN SI56 0510 0801 4831 874 at ABANKA d.d.
CONTACT PERSON:: Veronika Grm Trnovšek
The company was registered at the District Court in Celje on 09.07.1992

Company data:
• IBAN SI56 0510 0801 4831 874
•Registration number: 5635730000
•VAT ID: : 26892430
• Director: Tomaž Grm
• Email: info@grm-transport.si

The administrator of the (name) website (hereinafter referred to as “provider”) undertakes to carefully protect the personal data obtained during the registration in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1-UPB1). The data collected by the provider for business purposes will be used exclusively for:
• sending information material,
• sending pro forma invoices and invoices
• other necessary communication
The user is also responsible for the protection of personal data by ensuring that his computer is adequately protected. The provider is not responsible for the accuracy of the data entered by users.

Use of personal data

For the purpose of provision of his services, the provider collects, manages, processes and stores the following user data:

  • name and surname
  • company or name of the legal entity (if the user is a legal entity)
  • tax number of the legal entity (if the user is a legal entity)
  • email address
  • contact telephone number
  • other information that the user voluntarily enters into the forms on the website

The provider is not responsible for the data entered by users to be accurate, complete and up-to-date.

The provider shall not disclose the data to third parties, except for contractors with whom the provider has a contract for personal data protection and who are contractually bound to the same standards of personal data protection as the provider.

The provider collects personal data subject to the explicit consent of the users. The content of such consents shall be kept together with the content of the forms by which they were obtained.

The provider keeps personal data collections in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia and does not export them to other countries.

Purpose of use

Personal data obtained through the (name) website are used exclusively for the purposes of the order execution.

By giving his consent to store, process and transmit personal data, the user allows the provider to process and store the transmitted personal data, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. The user’s consent allows the provider, acting as the data controller of collected personal data, to process the collected personal data for the purpose of sampling, surveying and statistical data processing,  for determining the use of services, adjusting the offer and segmentation, for market research, for informing the users about services offered by (name) website and the provider and related parties, as well as for other forms of use of the provided data, to which the user of the website has specifically agreed. The collected data will not be disclosed to third parties.

The provider may process the said data for his own needs until the cancellation of the consent with a request to remove personal data from the database. During the management of personal data, the user can request to view and update the data in the database.

Privacy Policy

Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act, the provider shall regulate the protection of personal data by the Rules on Personal Data Protection.

All full-time or part-time employees of the company who have access to personal and other user data are informed of the provisions of the Rules on Personal Data Protection and their duty to protect personal and other data and are obliged to comply with these provisions on personal data confidentiality and privacy of the users of this website. The duty to protect personal and other data is valid for an indefinite period, even after the termination of the contract with the provider.

Child protection

Any communication aimed at children will be appropriate to their age and will not take advantage of children’s trust, lack of experience or sense of loyalty. The provider shall not accept orders from someone he knows or suspects to be a child without the explicit consent of his parents or guardians.

The provider shall not accept any personal data concerning children without the explicit consent of their parents or guardians. The provider shall also not disclose data received from children to a third party except to their parents or guardians. The provider must not offer free access to services that are harmful to children.

Right to information

You have the right to information about your personal data that we hold, as well as the right to have such data erased. If you have questions about the deletion, processing or use of your data, please contact: (data) or send us a request by mail.

Any user whose personal data the provider collects, stores and processes, has the following rights in relation to these data:

  • Right to erasure – if the user no longer wants his personal data stored and processed by the data processor and provided that there are no legal reasons for their further storage, he may at any time request the data processor to have his data erased.
  • The right to know how long personal data is kept.
  • The right to request correction, erasure or to lodge a complaint.
  • Right of transferability – the user may, at his option, request the data processor to provide him with personal data relating to him, which he has provided to the data controller, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable form.
  • The right to a legal remedy and sanction – the user has the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory body, as well as the right to legal remedies against the decision of the supervisory body or in case of inaction of the supervisory body, the right to compensation and liability.
  • The right not to be subject to measures arising solely from profiling, analysis or prediction using automated processing means.
  • Right to withdraw consent – the user has the right to cancel his consent for further processing of personal data, especially in the case of direct marketing.

Enforcement procedures

I am aware that all the above requirements concerning the exercise of personal data rights are to be sent in writing to the data controller, namely to the electronic address (data).

I am aware that the data controller may request additional data from me for the purpose of reliable identification in the event of exercising personal data rights, and that he may refuse to act only if it has been proved that he cannot reliably identify me.

I am aware that the data controller must respond to my request to exercise my rights in relation to the above personal data without undue delay and within one month after receiving my request at the latest.

The provider keeps the personal data of the user until the cancellation of the consent for the storage and processing of the user’s data. The user may cancel the consent to receive e-mails (by sending a request to the provider to his e-mail address (data)), or request the provider to immediately erase his personal data efficiently and permanently by completely deleting the user’s profile on the website.

Additional provisions

In accordance with the regulations governing the protection of personal data, the provider is obliged to protect the personal data of users of his website. Under no circumstances will the provider disclose any personal or other data without the explicit consent of the user to a third party, or will not allow a third party to inspect personal or other data of the user, unless required to do so by the government authorities, if such an obligation is provided by law, or in good faith that such action is necessary for proceedings before courts or other government authorities as well as  for the purpose of protection and the legitimate interests of the company.

Email marketing

MailerLite solution is used in our company to manage the list of email marketing subscribers and to send e-mails to our subscribers. MailerLite is a third-party provider that processes your data using industry standard technologies to help us monitor and improve our email messages.

The MailerLite privacy policy is available at https://www.mailerlite.com/privacy-policy. You can unsubscribe from our emails by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the end of each newsletter.

What are cookies needed for?

Cookies are fundamental to providing user-friendly online services. The interaction between the web user and the website is faster and easier with the help of cookies. With their help, the website remembers the user’s preferences and experiences, thus saving time and browsing the websites more efficiently and friendly.

The company assigns a cookie to each user at the beginning of each use of the online store to identify, monitor the shopping cart and ensure traceability, which is stored in the server’s memory only for the duration of the visit to the online store and is erased after one hour of inactivity. The company may also store some permanent cookies on the user’s personal computer, such as e.g. the user’s identification number in encrypted form for identification on the next visit to the online store or evaluation of items, with the help of which the user knows which items have already been evaluated, and indirectly Google Analytics external cookies used to analyse website visits. The company uses these data in an anonymous summary form for statistical analysis purposes. For the purpose of ensuring online security, the company also collects IP addresses from which users access the online store.

Disabling cookies

You decide whether to allow cookies to be stored on your device. You can control and change cookie settings in your web browser.

For information about cookie settings, select the web browser you are using:

If you change or delete your browser’s cookie file, change or upgrade your browser or device, you may need to disable cookies again. The process for managing and deleting cookies varies from browser to browser. If you need help with this, you can look in the browser’s help for users.