We offer our customers top quality logistics services in the field of various segments of transport and warehousing.


Prevoz kompletnih tovorov

We offer transport of complete cargoes that are delivered to you within the scheduled deadlines.

Warehousing and handling of cargo

Skladiščenje in prekladanje tovora

In addition to transport, we also offer logistics services, warehousing (1,000 m2) and freight vehicles servicing.


The truck maintenance service takes care of the flawless operation of its own fleet


servis tovornih vozil grm
Where we drive

Where we drive

Our services are provided throughout Western Europe, mostly in Denmark

• Denmark,
• Germany,
• Belgium,
• Netherlands and 
• Austria,

and to a lesser extent in France and Italy. We also provide transport to the Balkan countries, namely

• Croatia,
• Bosnia and Herzegovina,
• Serbia,
• Macedonia,
and exceptionally also to  Greece, Sweden and Norway.

At Grm d.o.o. we are aware that the key to successful business and long-term existence of the company is both customer and employee satisfaction. Every day we try to follow the motto of the company, which dates back to the time of Anton Grm’s entrepreneur business – Personal guarantee for good service.
Because the companies Grm d.o.o. in Vamat d.o.o. work closely together in all of our business areas, we can offer our customers competitive prices, the optimum accuracy and the highest reliability of the performed transport. Also, we are proud of our customer information system about their shipments, which has made us a good reputation internationally.

Osebna garancija
Osebna garancija – Personal Guarantee for good service

In addition to international transport, we also offer warehousing and handling services for cargoes that we usually deliver by our trucks to our warehouse and if necessary, we further organize transport of such cargoes with our reliable transporters – subcontractors.

The common goal of Grm d.o.o. and Vamat d.o.o. is to continue with their quality transport services also in the future and to constantly and in line with demand increase their market share in the transport industry.

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